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Climate Resilience and Physical Risk

Financial Disclosures

Modern Architecture

Net Zero Carbon &   Carbon Accounting

Water Management

Citrus Fruits

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As the fallout from a failing climate continues to wreak havoc across the globe, lower resource dependence and resilient infrastructure are now beyond aspirational and have become outright liabilities if not properly managed. Real estate is for many people the largest, as well as the most personal investment asset they own. At 4Cs we know that having that asset in any way under risk is stressful not only to your bottom line but also to your sense of security. For this reason, 4Cs is dedicated to improving your home’s and our community’s ability to weather the coming climate difficulties.

The following are different assessment options for various real estate types. Peruse around and contact us directly to find out which is best suited for you.

Full ESG

In-depth Net Zero Carbon Assessment, as well as Sustainability and Physical Risk Resilience Reports

Lifestyle Assessment

See what environmental risks you're exposed to and how to limit them.

Financial Portfolio Exposure

Comprehensive assessment of your investment portfolio's risk to climate change.

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The 4Cs 

Get to Know Us

Cascadia Community Climate Consulting, 4Cs, started in 2021 in the quasi-metropolis of Spokane, Washington in order to bring top quality, tailored ESGR consulting to PNW businesses and real estate owners. Nich Johnson, founder and owner, brings over 10 years of experience form the industry and is passionate about improving the preparedness of physical assets for the future. With experience from Fortune 200 companies to neighborhood garages, 4Cs stands firmly by the notion that the size of the project does not limit its importance. 

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